Why publish in the AUTHORS myfile?+

We know that a person, works well when your contacts 
she can reach an average of 1,000 sales. 
This is the current sales model.



Now the NEW model proposed by MyFile4you.com site is; 
You aim to find people who want to have a STORE to resell your product. 
If you form 100 stores and each store selling the same 1,000 books, 
You have reached 100,000 sales!



That's the difference and the purpose of siteMyfile4you.com 
Increase sales by motivating people to receive a commission for it. 
What is the advantage in this model? 
No cost for hiring a new employee. 
Less effort to find his client. 
Higher return on sales. 
Several people working with your product.


Understanding MyFile4You+

The MF4Y is a commercial network, planned with the purpose of enabling any person anywhere on the planet, SELL your intellectual work (here called infoproduct) to your friends close and your network of contacts.

Our goal is to facilitate the sale of content through the Internet, rather than simply people donate this content without compensation.

We believe that obtaining compensation, encourage consumption among members of this network, creating business opportunities for all people.

A practical example: with the system, any retiree can earn an income by selling your knowledge gained from years of work.

Another possibility is that a university has no money, but you need to buy books for his studies, if he buy a single textbook in our system, may indicate that product to other people interested, and thus recover the money if other friends to buy same publication. Following this pattern, you can buy other books, thereby increasing your collection and your knowledge.

What is the purpose of MyFile4You?+

The MF4Y offers the unique opportunity for various social layers can be paid for their intellectual output, and a great way to earn extra income significantly.

We intend to be a revolutionary new vision of digital commerce in an attempt to end the unrestricted distribution of files without the owner or author be valued for their work.

What is a infoproduct?+

It is a digital product, a file that you can distribute using the internet so that people can make a download and run on their machines.

Currently there are several types of infoproducts, so many that at last count exceeded 2,500 types, in various formats. Moreover, we still have many applications and devices for reproduction or interpretation of these files, either for smartphones, tablets, Macs, PCs, and other operating systems.

Before making any purchase or business, make sure the application or the proper license application can run / run on their devices.

What is the statement?+

The MF4Y works with the exchange of information. The members of NETWORK COMMERCIAL talk to each other and make INDICATION product.

See the example below:

As the audience is used to watching the Channel "A", learns of schedule "B" channel?

By simply exchanging information among themselves.
What is Credit?+

Call CREDIT monetary unit used internally by website that enables the trading of infoproducts, regardless of the currency used in the country where they live site users.

The IS convertible currencies from anywhere in the world, so that payments and receipts can be made in local currencies of the countries.

I have to pay something to publish?+

You do not pay any fee to register on the site, but it needs to determine the value of publishing products for sale in MF4Y. Payment of this amount shall be made by the author at the time of publication of a infoproduct.

The system for any type of publication within the MF4Y is as follows:

For publications whose sale values ​​of files vary between $ 1.00 and $ 10.00 credit the amount charged will be $ 10.00 credits, fixed.

For sales values ​​above $ 10.00 credits will be charged exactly the same amount of sales file stipulated at the time of publication.


Sales value of the file = $ 5.50 - Value = $ 10.00 for publication.
Sales value of the file = $ 9.50 - Value = $ 10.00 for publication.
Sales value of the file = $ 11.00 - value = $ 11.00 for publication.
Sales value of the file = $ 50.50 - value = $ 50.50 for publication.

But why should I have to PAY to publish?+

The MF4Y is a free and open platform for everyone who wants to register, and open to anyone who wishes to make a publication that allows you to upload any infoproduct for sale shortly after user registration.

The MyFile4You is a network of business, with a business model of buying and selling files offered by third parties, then there are naturally based offerings values​​. It's like any other business in the real world: a product has a cost and someone has to bear that cost.

Each infoproduct offered for sale has a value determined by the file owner, and this value is required at time of sending the file.

It is this value that determines the cost of a file, which allows the distribution of profits among the users within your network that rewards all who help distribute their files, and one of the factors responsible for the commercial success of your product.

It is important to correctly evaluate and determine the value of a product.

The requirement for the pricing of a product also allows you to create a security system within the site and prevents malicious people to interfere in the business model, and ensure that quality products are distributed through MF4Y.

And to achieve the sale of one thousand (1,000) units MyFile4You returns to the file owner the amount invested in the publication.

I need to send my original?+

The MF4Y not recepciona original and does not evaluate their product. The site user is who defines what infoproduct will publish the site using the publishing tool available in the area UPLOAD.

What precautions should I take?+

Our advice is: before making any type of publication on the website MF4Y, seek appropriate entities to be made ​​proper registration. The MF4Y serves several continents, nationalities and languages​​, being very difficult and complicated to try to explain the system of each country on how to proceed to registration.

In this respect, users must observe local legislation regarding the registration of copyrights, royalties, copyright, collection and payments.

The site works primarily with music, e-books and software products that require registration on their corresponding entities. Thus, if you publish a book, you should seek the national library of his country, or entities that control the registration of works of authorship.

The same applies to the collection, paying royalties or copyrights. If you have questions, the best option is to seek a specialized lawyer who will offer you various clarifications.

The MF4Y not be liable for any work published here, nor is it responsible for the registration and payment collected by or rights or royalties, this record being the sole responsibility of the person making such publication on our site. Likewise, the collection and payment of royalties and copyrights are the sole responsibility of local collecting societies.

We have performed only the payment of copyright arising from the sale of each copy made ​​within the MF4Y system.

You need to take precautions so it does not post the wrong file, because if this happens, you should delete the infoproduct published and redo new publication and has to carry out a new payment for this new publication.

You need to take care when sending a file. Sending a file is the sole responsibility of the user of the website.

All files will have their amounts charged at time of shipment and if the user send a wrong file and need to delete it a new value will be charged to the correct file. The MF4Y does the replacement of files sent.

How can I publish and display my infoproduct?+

Visit the area of ​​Publication (UPLOAD). The process is divided into six stages:

01. Detail: Inform potential buyers with the file type and where it can be executed.

02. Main File: here you will upload the file statement, a brief documentation or if you have prepared one. Examples: if a song is published, make uploading this item (Main Archive). If you are publishing a game, publish the manual, facilitating the understanding of the buyer (Contents in PDF, FLV, MP3, text files, can be executed and viewed directly in the browser).

03. Archive Secondary published this tab files, always and only be available to download. That's the difference in the published Main File tab file.

04. Cover: develop a beautiful cover, it will help sell more of your product.

05. Archive PREVIEW: this tab, publishes a basic view, a summary of their material. This view should be quite full, so try to include as much detail and richness in this document, thus the purchaser will have no doubt about content.

06. for sale in the MF4Y is the most democratic and open in this respect, ie: is free to sell your product in the amount you want. Our team does not interfere with anything in the pricing, giving you complete freedom to price your infoproduct worth it thinks just.

Can I change the value of infoproduct?+

Yes, you can change the value of selling your infoproduct anytime without prior authorization.

For security, this change will suffer a new charge at the time of the update to the new values ​​determined by the user.

This security measure was determined to prevent ill-intentioned people try to manipulate the system for undue gains.

Remember: every user costs at the time of publication or change values ​​within the infoproducts MF4Y be refunded at the time the files reach the mark of one thousand 1,000 units sold.

Why all infoproducts are available for download?+

So that buyers can use the infoproducts systems and appliances that they want Windows, Mac OS X, smartphones, tablets, etc.

The business model was developed MF4Y to discourage piracy through the distribution of profits. This model minimizes the possibility that the products are downloaded illegally passed on to third parties.

The financial benefit received by selling or indicate a infoproduct acquired is infinitely greater than passing them on to others without advantage.

The site will prohibit the download at some point?+

Direct download infoproduct is the easiest and most popular to download any file on the internet way, besides facilitating the choice of tools by the user. As we see, at this point, nothing more simple, the download will continue.

We want to facilitate the maximum life of the consumer MF4Y. Create security systems, unique applications, DRM and other tools that may complicate the use of the site is not our goal.

It is very easy to get profit by selling or displaying a file within the MF4Y, and this concept when understood, is the best solution against piracy and the real appreciation of the work of the content creator.

But what if I want to freely distribute a file between my friends?+

If you are the owner of the file nothing can stop you distribute this file to anyone you want out of MF4Y. But if you are not the owner of the file will be committing an act of piracy, and worse, will be losing a sensational opportunity to profit and help your entire network of friends.

We have the philosophy that cooperation among people is summed up as follows: If you want to help someone, you seek to be present and give all the aid or assistance, a charitable attitude to help others. When you are not present, we believe it is his legacy that will make a difference, ie someone is using your knowledge to make money. If that person is making money she has a duty to give back to you, or whoever was responsible for his legacy. If you value someone, you will also be valued.

Why MF4Y site is a site of closed e-commerce?+

Yes, you must be registered and logged in MF4Y to do business. This is necessary for the system to make the shops and so that users can properly receive their profits.

But you can navigate through the pages MF4Y without registration. It is only required when making a business or an indication.

Why do I have to inform my data properly?+

Because to get the gains in MF4Y we need your real and correct in order to send them to you without any problem data.

Use your name (do not use aliases on your main account) and correct bank details. This is a requirement of the laws of the countries in which it operates MF4Y for tax collection is done correctly.

Can I have multiple entries on the site?+

Yes page. After the first registration, you may enter the Client area, which has the "Profile". There you can create 3 more profiles.

These profiles are specific extras for people who prefer to use pseudonyms. We only require that the main profile is the actual user data, by bank and fiscal requirements.

What is "Profile Type"?+

The creation of three more profiles in addition to their primary identification is permitted. You can create a profile identifying a profession or field of activity different but with the same name. So you can talk about a subject without interfering in another branch of activity.

Profiling is not allowed to treat issues such as pedophilia, racism, condoning any kind of extremism, defamation, terrorism, ideological radicalism, making bombs, attacks, or any subject or activity that harm others or who pose a risk to their lives and rights.

If employees discover the site or receive complaints that a profile is being used improperly, it will be blocked without having informed the owner of this listing, and any content published by him will be unavailable.
We remind you that we do not check any files, or censorship, but the site may receive complaints of misuse by any user.

Why should I create other profiles?+

You have no obligation to create different profiles. We offer this option to meet specific situations, for example, protect your identity and publish files with alias. You can create an alternate profile without it being identified by his real name.

In this profile, you can bill a lot of money. Then, through the TRANSFER feature, you can transfer your money to your main account, and through the main account, make the loot that money.

My account was locked, what should I do?+

When your account is blocked you will receive a warning when attempting a login to enter the MF4Y. After this warning email will be sent with the reason for the block and the instuctions below.

Can I redeem the money from the site?+

If money is the result of buying credits, but you can redeem at any time. In the case of cash sales infoproducts published, it may also be redeemed at the time that the user desires. The values ​​obtained are rescued after conversion of credits (Vikings) to your local currency.

If the result has been obtained through irregular sale, or if you have posted a file that is not of his own, that there is any complaint, or by judicial order, you can not rescue any value, getting the blocked account and to justice for necessary audits. Only after the solution of this problem is that your money will be redeemable.

If you can not resolve or have to make the reimbursement (s) person (s) who may have been injured (s), money from this transaction will be available for justice, who will take appropriate action.

Therefore, do not make PUBLICATION OF FILES THAT ARE NOT YOUR AUTHOR OR FROM WHICH YOU DO NOT HAVE PROPER AUTHORIZATION TO DO SO. And this authorization shall be considered valid only for the site if it be notarized.

How can I generate a PDF file?+

There are several ways to proceed. Here are the two easiest:

A. Option: If you have Office from version 2007: go to Save As; In the TYPE option, choose the PDF option.

Option B: Go to the site Free Convert PDF; Click "Source to PDF" - the first item in the left side menu. On the page, locate your file, leaving the demarcated File option, and click Convert; Within moments, you will be notified via email that your file is ready. Download it to your machine and then do the conversion to PDF format.

After conversion, publish it on the site MF4Y.

Who evaluates my infoproducts?+

Staff at MF4Y not evaluate any products. The evaluation is done exclusively by users and readers to make buying a infoproduct. Only buyers can register their opinions and comments about a file.

Can I get a +

All users who publish or buy a product within the MF4Y automatically wins a virtual store in the system.

A virtual store allows user can resell products purchased in MF4Y. One advantage is that buying products you can receive an extra percentage of sales.

How much is that percentage?

The percentage varies depending on the sale price of each product, which varies between 1% and 2% of all sales, determined by the owner of the product.

Another advantage is to receive a commission of 25% to 45% on a sale, also stipulated by the owner of the product.

Who can have a virtual STORE on the site? +

Anyone can have a virtual store on the site. Just buy a product, independent of frequency and amount of purchase and sales of these products.

No matter the amount of product that each user has within their store, if the goal of one hundred (100) sales per month is reached she will receive a bonus for it.

Meet the bonuses and sales goals.

Who can have a virtual DISTRIBUTOR site?+

To have the status of DISTRIBUTOR, you must have at least 100 stores under the direct responsibility of one person, besides the own store, selling at least 100 books per month.

This means that these 100 virtual stores should sell each at least 100 products per month.

- What if every store is selling more than 100 books? In this case you will get more, will make more.


1st Advantage: be the first to receive the titles and materials;

2nd Advantage: be the first to receive exclusive titles, destined only to the distributor.

3rd advantage: receive a percentage of the more than sales.
This will vary according to the value of sales of each product, the percentage may vary from 1% to 2% on all sales (who provides this value is the product owner).

Another aspect is to receive a 25% commission on ALL sales that stores effecting, greatly increasing the gain. And if you supply stores sell more products, you will make more money.

I could lose the status of "Distributor"?+

Yes, every 6 months, is made a new assessment of sales, and when a dealer fails to maintain minimum average of 100 products sold in every store, loses the status of distributor, turning to have the status of STORE.

But the receivables sales do not change, he will not miss or fail to receive any value. Only the bonus that is passed to the distributor that he will no longer receive.

But you can go back to being a distributor?

Yes, just keep MINIMUM average sales and your store will AUTOMATICALLY to have the status of DISTRIBUTOR and receive benefits again.

Understand the operation of MF4Y.+


Desmotivamos PIRACY an easy and smart way: we use the method of nomination for compensation. When buying a infoproduct the buyer gains the right to sell it and earn every sale. Offer the product for free completely loses meaning.

In our system all win and still guarantee the fight against piracy.

A. Flow of purchase with the distribution of commission:

B. Purchase indicating distribution of charges between the participants.

C. Beginning of "PIRACY" and illegal distribution of files.
Is that what is combating MF4Y site.

With fair remuneration, the practice of piracy decreases

What is the difference in selling the conventional store and website MF4Y?+

Publishers are so stringent and choose only authors who can give them profits. Even if an author has a publisher, he needs to spend lots of money on marketing, so your book has a good point of exposure within conventional bookstores.

Or do you think are good little conventional bookstores to place certain books featured in their stores?


In MF4Y is VERY different.

I want to do charity. How do I use this site for that?+

Simple: because you want to do charity, identify someone in a skill, something you can do. Help produce CONTENT, show that it is also able to do interesting things within their life experiences.

Then, within your account MF4Y, make a transfer of value for that person to publish that content created by it.

Make your first purchase this content and publish to your NETWORK of friends. ALL that you know will help that person. With this, the account that your protege Vikings may revert CASH for that person you wanted to do a CHARITY will be deposited.

Did you see? Now yes you helped a person with self-esteem so that your friend will be high and it can survive alone without relying on anyone else, knowing the true value it has on society, and all can express their creative potential.

What is the "Viking"?+

What we call "Viking" (V $) is a unit of currency used internally by the Web site that enables the trading of info-products, regardless of the currency used in the country where they live site users. The viking has its own quotation that is intermediate between the dollar and the euro, and is convertible currencies by any part of the world, so that payments and receipts can be made in local currencies.