How It Works:



The MF4Y is a business social network designed to offer the content creator a chance to do business with their own products and products purchased.

If you are a musician, writer, teacher or hold some knowledge that might be useful to other people, MF4Y provides the way for your success.



The business model is simple MF4Y:

You produce a digital product and publishes in MF4Y, and so automatically gets a virtual store. Here you will offer their creations and those of others, and the profit will be divided among all, fairly and cost effectively. It is the most amazing distribution network created on the internet.



The market for self-published (one in which you offer your product with no agents or middlemen) is one of the most promising on the internet.

The world is preparing for it and no other online self-publishing tool provides better real opportunity for profit and growth as MF4Y.



Do you have content to offer and people are searching the Internet for such content.

The problem is that when deploying your web content in unsafe tools dilutes the value of it and you fail to make gains.

The MF4Y is a tool that inhibits the piracy allow everyone to profit from the contents of all.



When creating a product of intellectual content (book, music, videos, courses, etc.) is necessary to know the consumer public that product.

You need to know direct offer to those who are the main stakeholders.

The MF4Y allows you to create your own audience and deliver your product directly to it, without the possibility of error.



The major requirement of the business model is MF4Y you know your product and your audience, and that has availability to strengthen the network of friends, since she is the most valuable part of the process.

The creator and distributor of content are direct partners in MF4Y and should work hand in hand to conquer their market spaces.



After publishing or buy a product MF4Y your goal happens to be working on the dissemination of their products and their store.

The first step, which is also the most simple and most importantly, should be to contact your entire network of friends, real or virtual, and bring as many people as possible into the MF4Y.



An important tip to strengthen your shop is to organize the network of friends so that it will boost the growth of your store.

Create groups, annotated hold direct contacts of people send weekly newsletters to their clients, upgrade your shop whenever you can.



You published, released and began selling its products. Now you need to keep your network of friends and clients active and functional.

Produce more, get more product for your shop, contact with more people, it is this attitude that it will strengthen its business network.

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