How to Negotiate:



To have a shop you must mount a stock. So remember to always have new and different in your shop products to attract buyers.

Do some research, look new, buy the widest variety of products and has an interesting store for all who enter the MF4Y.



The great advantage of the virtual store MF4Y is that your stock is never ending. Your work will only renew it periodically as new products, so you always have an interesting offer to its customers.

Customers want new stuff, and this is what you should always have on hand for them.



Have news in your store is the best way to keep your customer satisfied. Everyone wins when shopping in your store and put new stuff on the shelf makes everyone happier world.

Search, discover what your audience wants and deliver only the best. So you will have satisfied and with greater profit potential clients.



The most important part of MF4Y, like any other business, is to have a strong network of friends and customers. Sometimes you've got your network ready, sometimes you need to create a new network.

To create a new network you should understand as well as MF4Y works and explain that working for all those you come in contact. It is important to know how all the MF4Y is profitable.



Once you have created your network of friends and business within the MF4Y you need to go to manage it. Get in touch with people in your network regularly, talk with them personally, send email with news and spread your store through social networks.

The more people in your network of friends feel cherished, the more they will work for you.



You need to know your audience and have availability to strengthen the network of friends, since she is the most valuable part of the process.

The creator and distributor of content are direct partners in MF4Y and should work hand in hand to conquer their market spaces. Your business network is only really solid when partnership is solid, working and profiting by his side.



After publishing or buy a product MF4Y your goal happens to be working on the dissemination of their products and their store.

The first step, which is also the most simple and most importantly, should be to contact your entire network of friends, real or virtual, and bring as many people as possible into the MF4Y.



An important tip to strengthen your shop is to organize the network of friends so that it will boost the growth of your store.

Create groups, annotated hold direct contacts of people send weekly newsletters to their clients, upgrade your shop whenever you can.



You published, released and began selling its products. Now you need to keep your network of friends and clients active and functional.

Produce more, get more product for your shop, contact with more people, it is this attitude that it will strengthen its business network.

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