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Books, music, videos, lessons, worksheets, tutorials and more spread knowledge and culture serve as fuel for MF4Y put you in the window of the world.

Produce and consume content is very important for MF4Y and is the direct path to your success as a content creator.

The more you create, the better for everyone.



The system of sending files MF4Y is fast, intuitive and easy to use and all kinds of digital file is welcome in the system.

You choose the format that fits with your product (PDF, MP3, TXT, etc.) and send.

A tip we give is that you choose a good title and make a good description of the contents of your file.



You define the value of their products and it is you who chooses what will be the fee for those who buy your product and decide to market it.

The MF4Y not interfere with anything in the definition of the value of their products.

You analyze the market precifica your product according to your need, with complete freedom.



Any business conducted automatically generates a shop and so you earn the right to display and profit from their sales and purchases. When creating a polished product, and you may have drawn the biggest hits of sale.

Caprice on the cover of his book, in the spelling of his writings and the quality of your audio or video. Leaves no doubt as to its content.



The system MF4Y offers complete financial control of your store and its creations and allows you to track the daily progress of their sales beyond your balance and your credit.

You can separate your contacts into groups, facilitating time to contact them and offer the right product according to each group.



The major requirement of the business model is MF4Y you know your product and your audience, and that has availability to strengthen the network of friends, since this is the most valuable part of the process.

The creator and distributor of content are direct partners in MF4Y and should work hand in hand to conquer their market spaces.



Your network is golden. Indicate the right products to the right people, this is the key to successfully MF4Y. The more products you publish the greater the chances of winning money.

Gains also go to those who have infoproducts, since you can only win by disclosure of infoproducts among his friends.



Set aside an hour of your day to take care of his shop in MF4Y, which is enough to start. But nothing prevents you from devoting the time necessary to find is you who sets your schedule.

Create groups, annotated hold direct contacts of people send weekly newsletters to their clients, upgrade your shop whenever you can.



Everything you sell has exponential growth opportunities. Promote your store and let the rest happen.

Everything you sell has exponential growth opportunities. Promote your store and let the rest happen.

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